What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from it?

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What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from it?

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from it?

What is affiliate marketing?The number of users using the internet in India is increasing day by day. Earlier the internet was limited to cities only, but now it is reaching every corner of the country. In such a situation, there is a good opportunity for you to start affiliate marketing as soon as possible. What is Affiliate Marketing, how it works and how to earn money from it , many such questions will bother you a lot.

As you know now we are living in digital age where we have computer ., Internet, SmartPhone, Smart Device and AI ( Artificial Intelligence there is also technology like this. In such a situation, people are increasing their steps towards the digital world very fast. Many people are now taking their business online. Where he can easily reach his customer.

In such a situation, it is a very good time for you to become a part of this digital world and generate a source of passive income for yourself. Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to earn money online.Many people know about this method and there are many people who, even after knowing about this method, remain in the thinking whether they should do affiliate marketing or not?

Today in this post we will know how you can start affiliate marketing and what are its possibilities? What are the benefits of joining any company's affiliate network? If you also know a little about affiliate marketing or you do not know anything about what affiliate marketing is, then with the help of this post all your doubts will be cleared and you too would like to start affiliate marketing without fear.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new thing, you must have done it many times before, but in offline marketing, where you have promoted the product of a company or shopkeeper to your friend, but after the sale of that product, you did not get anything. Will happen.

But as I told you already, now we are in the digital age and there are many benefits of going digital. Where earlier the access of the shopkeeper was limited only to his district, now he can become a member of this digital world and spread his shop to every corner of the country and the best example of this is JioMart., Amazon, CSC E-Store there are many other companies

Affiliate Marketing This is also known as CPA/S (Click Per Acquisition/Sale) , it is a method where we sell the goods of another company through online platforms (eg:- Blog, Youtube Channel, Social media, WhatsApp ). Promote or recommend to the customer with the help. And when a customer buys that product from our link, then we sell some fixed % commission of that product, that company gives us.

The commission of the product depends on what type of product you are promoting for sale, like if you promote Apparel & Accessories then you get more commission there but same if you promote Electronics product. If you do then you get less commission.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Many people often have a question about how affiliate marketing works. So as we know that

Every company or organization wants to promote its product to as many people as possible, so the company offers people to join its Affiliate Program so that the sales of its product can be increased.

The business of affiliate marketing is commission based, in such a situation when the owner of a website or blog joins that program, then that company shares the link or banner of his product with him so that he can use this link or banner on his website or on his blog. Now it depends on the owner of the website where he can put that link or banner on his website.

Now whenever a person visits that blog or website, he will get to see many offers there, so if that person clicks on that banner offer then he will go directly to the website of that company, in such a situation when that user If someone buys a service or product from that company's site, then that company or organization will pay some commission to the owner of that site.

Important information related to Affiliate Marketing

Some very important information related to affiliate marketing that you must know about.

Affiliates:- The person who promotes their product on their site or blog by joining the Affiliate Program is called Affiliates.

Affiliate Marketplace: - There are many companies that offer affiliate programs in different categories, where it is called Affiliate Marketplace.

Affiliate ID: - This is a unique ID, you get it when you join the affiliate program of a company, with the help of this unique ID, you can get the information of your sales.

Affiliate Link: - When you will promote a product on your site or blog, then you are given a link in which your unique ID is mentioned whenever a visitor clicks on that link and reaches that product website from where he/she can access that product. can buy the product. With the help of this link, your sales are tracked.

Commission: - After a successful sale, some percent commission of that product is given to the owner (affiliates) of that website or blog through which this sale has taken place, this amount is not a fixed amount.

Link Clocking: - When you generate a link, it looks very big and strange to see, shortening that link with the help of URL Shorteners is called Link Clocking.

Affiliate Manager: - In some affiliate programs, some people are appointed to help the affiliates and to suggest how to increase the sales, which we know as Affiliate Manager.

Payment Mode: - Many companies use different mediums to pay commission to their Affiliates, which we call payment mode which are like this Check, wire transfer, PayPal, UPI etc.

Payment Threshold: - Affiliates get commission only when they make some minimum sale, only after making this sale you are able to earn payment, this process is called Payment Threshold which is the payment threshold for every program. The amount varies.

Affiliate marketing is also a part of digital marketing

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

In today's time, many bloggers and Youtubers are associated with affiliate marketing, who are also getting a very good income through affiliate marketing. Blogging is considered to be the best for affiliate marketing. Joining Affiliate Marketing is very easy, to join this program, you just have to register by going to the affiliate program. After joining the program, you have to add the link of the ads or product given by them to your website.

Whenever a visitor after visiting our blog uses that product or service by clicking on that ad or product, then some of his precent commission will be given to us by the owner of the company.

But how can we know which company is running its affiliate program? For this, you can do this with the help of the internet, there are many companies that offer their affiliate program to join, some are very famous such as: - Amazon, Flipkart, Godaddy, Bluehost etc. There are many companies whose affiliate programs you can join and you can make a lot of money.

If you want, you can directly join any Affiliate Program Network and share its link directly on your Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp and recommend people to buy the product.

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Affiliate Marketing in India

As the number of internet users is increasing in India, the scope of affiliate marketing is also increasing as compared to earlier, now people are preferring to do online shopping in India because you will get very good discount and cashback by doing online shopping.Just like offers are also seen, if you take the same product from offline market, then you do not see so many good offers, people are now more confident than ever in taking goods online, in such a situation, you can avoid affiliate marketing. By joining, you will also be able to help people in buying a good product and will also be able to create a passive income source for themselves.

Best Affiliate companies in India

By the way, you will find many affiliate programs. If you want to find out which company is offering its affiliate program, then you can find out by simply writing Affiliate in front of the name of that website.

Here I will tell you about some such Best Affiliate Companies which are most used in India.


  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Flipkart Affiliate Program
  3. Godaddy Affiliate Program
  4. Bluehost Affiliate Program
  5. Bigrock Affiliate Program
  6. Siteground Affiliate Program
  7. Hostinger Affiliate Program
  8. ClickBank Affiliate Program
  9. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program
  10. OYO fitness Affiliate Program

There are many companies whose programs you can join.


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What is Affiliate Marketing?

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